About Us and Testimonials

Jason Spuller, Owner

I started Quattro Systems as a way to have a great time in high school.  It was started by myself and Bryan Stone our sophomore year in High School.  I was in show choir but figured out I really could not sing so I put more effort into Quattro Systems.  We started providing music for high school dances and soon weddings.  I went to Purdue and continued to dj at clubs, parties and weddings.   After graduation, I pushed the business to the next level, truly defining ourselves as the premiere wedding dj company in Fort Wayne. We now do well over 180 events a year and in 2010 & 2011 we were named one of the top Wedding Dj Company in Fort Wayne, IN.

Music, like in everyone’s life, has helped make memories of places, times, and events, in my life.  I can remember going cross country in an RV with my parents, singing Neil Diamond songs all the way to Washington DC.  I had no idea that playing Sweet Caroline back then, to close out the night at Where Else Bar at Purdue, that everyone would sing as loud as they could.  Quattro Systems gets to provide great memories for all of the guests at our events.  Just think about when you hear your favorite song and were it takes you!

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Jason and Stacey,

It was a pleasure working with you both in the planning of our wedding!  Our wedding was so much fun because of you being on top of everything!  Thank you for that.  I didn’t have to worry at all with the entertainment being in your hands.  Thank you guys so much and I hope we get to work together in the future for another celebration!

April and Kevin

Jason and Stacey,

Thank you, Jason and Quattro Systems for providing great music and fun for our wedding reception Sunday! You Rock!

Vicki Fitzgerald, mother of groom

Thank you so much for making our party complete!  Our friends and family had a great time and we hope you did as well!  Thanks for putting up with my worries and making everything flow together.  Cheers and Thanks!

Josh and Lesley Fitzgerald

Jason and Quattro Systems,

Jason Spuller/Quattro systems was absolutely amazing for both our ceremony & reception, I would never use anyone else. 100% professional, punctual, ran the show and took away all stress/worries. I can’t thank you enough!

Sarah 11/12/16

Aaron Phillips

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator


Thank you very much for being Rob & I’s DJ on our wedding night.  We both had so much fun.  You were great & played music just as we requested.  My whole family, Rob & I all couldn’t stop talking about what a great job you did!  It was exactly what we had in mind.  Thank you for being patient with my Aunt and her derby request:)  We appreciated having you as our DJ & Thank You!

Rob & Carly Rupp

Quattro Systems and Aaron Phillips

We had such a great time at Lauren & Anthony’s wedding on July 19th!  Aaron did a great job from cocktail music through the last song!  The dance floor was packed.  He handled the WWE introductions so well!!  He kept us up to speed with what was happening.  We would recommend Quattro Systems to others looking for music for their event!

Thanks again!

Keith & Pam (parents of bride)

Jon Missonellie

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator

Jon comes to us from New Jersey where he owned his own DJ business for 19+ years.  He grew up learning how to DJ from a young age due to his love of music and watching how people responded to it.  After taking a short hiatus to finish his engineering degree, he returned for his love of the business.

Izzy Rodriguez

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator

DJing since 1996, I continue to love having a job that is full of variety and personal interaction. My experience includes working in radio (HOT107.9) for 5 years but most of my time has been spent working in the wedding reception business. There is nothing like working with a live audience and interacting with them. Helping to make sure that a bride and groom are having a great time with all their guests is one of the best feelings.

When I’m not DJing I work as a youth professional with high school students as a mentor and councelor. Sports, reading, and listening to music fills the rest of my time.

Recently I married Amber, and had a great time at my wedding this fall in fabulous Las Vegas.

Izzy and Quattro Systems,

Thank you so much for making our wedding fun & enjoyable!  We got many compliments on your hard work!  Everything was absolutely perfect!  We hope all is well.  Thanks again!

Will & Ashley 


Izzy rocked it out of the park tonight at Ceruti’s Event Center . Thank you for always being easy to work and coordinate events. As the wedding photographer it makes my job so much more enjoyable when I get to work with experienced and fun DJ’s. Amazing job tonight as always.

Jess Stauffer, photographer


Wanted to thank Izzy for being the best at our Wedding! What an amazing job! Thanks for making our day & night perfect! I would hire you all again and again!

Sarah Brandenberger, bride

Aaron Fidler

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator


I wanted to give a rave review of Aaron.  He was fantastic.  His personality is spot-on for the line of work, and what an all-around good guy! He was great to chat with on Saturday, and his level of expertise definitely shows.  Hannah and Ethan were more than satisfied with his services, and that makes me a very happy event planner!  He did an awesome job, and I honestly cannot say enough about him.

Hannah and Ethan’s wedding was a great success.  They had great weather, a wonderful dinner, the love of their closest friends and family, and hands down..the best DJ! I appreciate all of your help to make this day so special for them.

Chelcey Glassley, Wedding Planner


Thank you so much for being such a great DJ and Emcee at our wedding!  We are so grateful for your hard work and really appreciate that you could be part of our day!

Thanks so much!

Laura and Ethan


We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible job you did with the music at our reception.  The job you did was better than anything that we could have imagined.  We had many people tell us it was the most fun reception they had ever been to and you played a huge role in that.  We had an absolute blast dancing all night long!  Thank you so much for helping make our reception better than we could have hoped!

Zach & Amanda

Dean Paris

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator

A Fort Wayne native, I moved to Tampa, Florida in 1992 at the age of 22. I started dj’ing on the side for friend’s parties while by day, living in a suit and working in the corporate world of mergers & acquisitions in the telecommunications industry. In 1999, I moved to Boston and decided to follow my passion. A great city to start my career as a professional DJ. As the Entertainment Director for a prestigious Boston-based DJ company, I managed, hired and trained a staff of 25 DJ’s and consulted with several hundred brides/grooms and/or private clients helping plan and coordinate every detail of their celebration. I oversaw our 600-800 weddings/events annually that took us from Boston to Cape Cod and from Maine to Upstate New York. During my 5yrs there, I dj’d and emcee’d every kind of event imaginable. From weddings to runway shows, from corporate parties to bar/bat mitzvahs, from college campuses to clubs to lavish and/or small private parties; I have done it all. In 2004, I moved to Northern California and continued following my passions. I co-owned and managed a nonprofit large and small animal rescue, adoption and sanctuary. For 12 years during the week, we rescued thousands of unwanted animals and found them loving-permanent homes. And on the weekends, I continued dj’ing weddings and also emcee’d & provided music for multiple charity events as well as local & national level gymkhanas/barrel racing competitions/championships. Now in 2016, I have come home to Ft Wayne bringing back with me, literally, a coast to coast to coast wealth of entertainment knowledge. My mic skills are strong and my timing is impeccable. I will make certain that each detail of your gala seamlessly segues from one to the next; keeping the pace of your event moving along with class and professionalism while adding the perfect blend of your favorite music. Setting the mood with music for your special event, is a passion, a career for me not a hobby. I will ensure that your wedding day and/or event is flawless from beginning to end while keeping you informed on what is happening throughout the course of the day and/or evening. I will masterfully-mix music genres and bring “ALL” your friends and family to the dance floor. From happily-ever-afters to private parties, I want you to walk away having had the time of your life. I want to end with thanking my Mother & Father. Music filled our home. Mom was always on the guitar and piano singing her heart out. And my Dad, “DJ Daddio” is what I called him, was a “true entertainer”. I grew up tagging along with him to many of his various events. He was a professional radio/events disc jockey, voice-over actor, tv show entrepreneur and magician. The electricity I feel helping make “your day” unforgettable, I owe it all to them. Thanks Mom & Dad! For me, music captures a memory, lifts your spirits, sets the mood, can change an attitude, a life and move your soul. I am blessed to be part of the amazingly-talented and hard-working Quattro Systems team. Always remember, “Whatever you do, Do it to music.”

Dean and Jason,

Thank you so much for making Megan and Mike’s wedding so great and special.  We really appreciated your great work!

Kelly Updike and Family 5/7/16


I just wanted you to know our 10th anniversary was wonderful and we just wanted to give kudos to Dean! He was great and lots of fun!


Alec Devine

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator

Everything in life is better with music. The only times I do not have music playing are times when it is not allowed or not acceptable.  It was at a very young age when I discovered that music made everything more enjoyable (such as cleaning my room), and fun activities more memorable (dances, church parties and weddings.)

I was working events at a reception hall when I first met Jason with Quattro Systems. Jason mentioned the possibility of me working for him and that was all I needed. I began training with him and his team and felt very blessed to be doing a job I loved.

When I am not working events with Quattro Systems I am studying at Huntington University.  I am majoring in business management, history, and political science, with a non-western civilizations minor.  Besides music, I have many other passions in life. I love to be outside doing just about anything, but especially enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and working outside.  There are many things in my life that I want to do and I am not sure exactly which path I will take but I hope no matter what I’m doing I can continue to DJ!


Thank you so much for making our wedding reception such a great party!  You kept the dance floor full and the events on schedule.  We loved your upbeat personality and will recommend Quattro Systems to anyone we know that is getting married!

The Schrader’s


This is the second time we have used Quattro and again we were not disappointed! Alec was PHENOMENAL! Our guests all noticed what a GREAT JOB he did and the brides absolutely loved him. His service to the brides and the bridal table was awesome! He deserves to be noticed for the great, great job that he did. He made every effort to make it the perfect evening that it was! Quattro once again gets a “thumbs up” from our family and we will continue to to recommend your company to anyone needing a DJ!

Thanks Alec!

The Whetstone Family


Thank you for the best day of or lives.  The music at the wedding reception was perfect.  We had a wonderful time!  Thank you again for  your time and talents!

Clint Davis

Disc Jockey and Reception Coordinator

Born and raised here in the Fort, I’ve been DJ’ing for over 5 years now, and I can honestly say it’s my favorite job. Growing up, my father was a club DJ which has blessed me with a love of music from nearly every decade going back to the 1920’s. That same love of music has been a huge part of my life from elementary school learning to play instruments, to high school competing on the state level in jazz and marching band, to now DJ’ing any event I can.

To me, music is a window to happiness, joy and fun, and now that I’m a DJ, I have the opportunity to share that love and excitement with every single client I meet. My mission is always to make sure your event is as close to perfect as humanly possible, and I go out of my way to make sure everyone at the venue has an incredible time. The way I see it, if you don’t have fun, I didn’t do my job.

If I’m not at an event for Quattro, you’ll find me studying for my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at IPFW (soon to be Purdue Fort Wayne!) or shooting pool with my friends. Besides music, my biggest passions are sports and planes- models, flying them, working on them (I’m actually FAA certified to do it, too). Whatever path life takes me down, I know I’ll always be looking for a way to keep music and hopefully DJ’ing a part of it.

Clint and Quattro Systems,

Thank you all so much for making our wedding reception so fun.  Everyone had a blast!  The process of working with you from start to finish was so easy, and we would highly recommend you to anyone!  Clint, thank you for following my requests so well, and for allowing my mom to bring out surprise Santa:)  You all helped make the evening go so well.  Thank you again for all you did and for making it a stress-free process.


Andy & Katie S.