Wedding ltinerary

Our new itinerary builder makes it easier than ever for you to help us deliver the kind of celebration you want for your special day. Once you sign with us as your wedding DJ, you’ll be provided with login information for the itinerary builder. Please fill out all fields, as this will ensure that your song preferences are honored.

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How to Use the Itinerary Builder

Here’s a quick, getting started guide to using the itinerary builder. Once you log in with the username and password that you’ve been provided, you will see the following screen:

At the top of the page, there are 5 Navigation Tabs. These let you switch between the various sections that need to be filled out. At the bottom of every page, there is a Save button. We recommend you use it frequently to prevent data loss.

Here’s a brief explanation of each page that we ask you to fill out. The Basic Wedding Info provides us with the key details we need to know about locations, dates, and times.

On the Bridal Party page, you’ll give us the names of everyone in the bridal party, parents, and related info. This will be used in making announcements. To add or remove rows for additional bridal party members, use the plus and minus buttons on the right hand side of the screen, as shown below:

The Timeline and Events page will ensure that the key moments of your wedding take place on schedule. For each event that you will be having, enter a start time. If you will not have that event, simply leave the start time blank. At the bottom, in the song selections box, simply click the pencil button next to each event to select the music that you want to be played at that time.

When the Song Selection box pops up, search for the artist name or song title that you want to have played. Once you find the song, click the Select button to place the song into the correct field. Please note that there may be duplicates, but this isn’t a problem! Select any of them.


If your song does not appear, no worries! Just close the box using the “X” in the upper right or the Close button in the bottom right. Then, just type the artist name and song title into the box. The system will notify us to double check our music database to find the song in question, and we will purchase anything we may be missing.

The Song List page works very much like the Timeline and Events page, except it grants you the flexibility to add or remove as many songs to your list as you’d like using the plus/minus buttons . We ask for favorites from the bridge, groom, parents, friends, and others to provide a diverse mix of music that everyone will enjoy! Be sure to make use of the Do Not Play list and Notes sections to provide us with any pertinent details that will guide us in our song selection at the reception.

Finally, if you are using us for your Ceremony, please fill out this last page so we know what songs to play as the ceremony progresses.

That’s a basic overview, and it should get you started! If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us for assistance.