Why Choose Quattro

Wedding receptions are the main facet of our business.  We not only play the music for your ceremony or reception, but we will perform at the capacity of a reception coordinator the day of the event.

People often say that the DJ can make or break your wedding as I am sure you have heard if you are planning a wedding.  This is true to some extent, but the itinerary is also a very important factor for the success of the reception.  People won’t go home if they hear a song or two that they didn’t want to dance to, but they will go home if they are bored.

In order to avoid this, we plan all of the events to be based around entertainment and keeping your guests involved.  We do this by increasing the energy level gradually throughout the evening, while cleverly placing the events in the itinerary as tools to entertain the guests.

An example of an itinerary that isn’t based around entertainment would be to walk into the room, go right into the first dance and then toasts, sit down for dinner and then at the end of dinner, cut the cake. This basically sends the message to all of your guests that everything important has been done (in about the first hour and a half of the standard four hour reception) and that it is ok to go home.  This turns your wedding reception into an expensive dinner party, which obviously isn’t the intention.

Our itinerary is much different having toasts at the END of dinner moving into the first dance.  This allows the toasts to act as an emotional build up leading right into the romance of the first dance with the bride and groom.  After that, we get your guests involved by inviting them to join the bride and groom on the dance floor for another slow dance.  This eases them into dancing rather than scaring them away from the dance floor with an upbeat song when they are still in their seats.

It is our personal style and taste to veer away from the “cheesy” personality that is associated with Wedding DJ’s.  Instead, we aim to be professional from our equipment, itinerary and attire.  The focus is not on us, but on you, the bride and the groom.

Make Use of Quattro's Awesome Itinerary Planner

Choose Quattro Systems for your wedding and gain access to our awesome itinerary planner! The planner not only lets you set times for each event at your reception, it also allows you to select your music for each phase of the reception from our extensive collection! Click here to learn more.

Below is a sample Reception Itinearary

Wedding Ceremony Starts at 3:30

3:00—Quattro Systems starts setting up for your Reception
4:45—Guests start arriving at the reception hall—I start playing dinner music, a light mix of jazz, 1920’s, and love songs.
5:00—Bride & Groom arrive—I get the bridal party together and do the introductions/grand entrance.
5:15—Bride & Groom start eating.
5:45—Best man and Maid of Honor give their   toasts (with a cordless mic).
6:00—Time to cut the cake
6:15—First dances—Bride & Groom, Father & Bride, Mother & Groom, Bridal Party.
6:30—Time to Dance— I do not pressure the crowd into dancing, but the selection of music gets the party going.
7:00—Throw the Bouquet and Garter.
7:15—Back to the Dancing (I always take requests but only play what is appropriate)
7:45—Dollar Dance or other
8:00—Get back to Dancing (This is also when we do any special things that the Bride & Groom want, like special family dances, stories and anything else.  We are very accommodating.)
11:45—Last Call and Final Dances.

Please keep in mind, this is only a sample.
Your wedding can be different in every way.